Developmental works 2011-2012

Completed :-

  • Side walls of Bhojanalayam
  • Basement protector Bhojanalayam
  • Store for Utensils
  • Front Boundary wall renovation
  • Panthal infront of Mini stage
  • Gopura Vathil ( Maha Dwaram )

The Rajagopura Vaathil.

Plan of Rajagopura Vaathil.
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The newly constructed Thidapally.

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Land scaping & Tiles laying in front of Bhojanalayam.

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In progress :-

  • Nadapanthel
  • Wash rooms for Priest
  • Wash rooms for Ladies & Gents

The Nadapathal to construct in front of the Sreecovil.

Plan of Nadapathal.
View Plan of Nadapathal Photo.

Projection to start :-

  • Shed for Viri Veppu
  • Stage
  • Doors As per Vaasthu
  • Thazhikakuda Sthapanam on Sreecovils